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FM vysílač 1kW
Shoda dle NV 426/2000

TX1000 1kW FM Transmitter

The sbs TX1000 1kW transmitter offers a cost effective solution to broadcasters’ needs that in conjunction with the sbs 5 year warranty, provide a long-term highly efficient package.

System Components

The PA1000 amplifier is a very high specification FM Power Amplifier that uses the latest design and construction techniques. It provides high performance, excellent control and monitoring and maintenance free use in only 3U and 23kg weight. The PA1000 is a wideband design that is frequency agile, requiring no tuning and offering very easy installation.
In common with sbs’ entire power amplifier range the PA1000 uses sbs’ world-renowned heat dissipating “fresh-air-tunnel”concept with dual fans. The fans provide cooling to the specially designed heat sink with a stream of air that needs no filtering, saving on routine filter replacements. Minimal active components are in the airflow thus keeping sensitive areas free from dust and contaminants.
The FM50 Broadcast FM Exciter provides superb audio quality, simple frequency selection and comprehensive status monitoring– making it the first choice in FM exciters. Stereo, mono, MPX/ composite and rebroadcast versions are available.
The ACU3 Automatic Changeover unit (only required in the TX1000-2 configuration) is a transmitter or drive changeover unit capable of automatic and manual operation with both local and remote control facilities. It is particularly suited to remote transmitter site installations, where it may take some time for an engineer to arrive to switch over to reserve equipment. The ACU3 will automatically switch between main and reserve chains to keep the radio station “on-air”.

Exciters: FM30 or  FM50


1 FM30 or FM50 Exciter
1 PA1000 Amplifier

2 FM30 or FM50 Exciters
1 PA1000 Amplifier
1 ACU3 Changeover Unit

For detailed product specifications please refer to individual component data sheets.
The TX series’ simple yet reliable design ensures that broadcasters have a secure, solid state on-air operation. Along with sbs’ 5 year warranty, the TX series provides a solution that enables a maximum return on investment. 



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