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6-Band FM digital processor

FALCON 50 FM - 6 Band Digital Audio Processor

First class, 6 band Digital Audio Processor for FM,  HD Radio, DRM & DAB
The most comprehensive range of processing parameters in its category

* Near zero latency 
* Crystal clear audio quality
* High End 6 bands processing 
* Dominant sound detail 
* Cleanest, best voice processing ever 
* Unsurpassed density improvement 
* Exclusive SuperBass feature 
* Superior clarity at highest volume 
* Unmatched peak limiting system 
* Built-in Stereo coder 
* ITU-compliant MPX power control
* High Impact Bass Enhancer 
* Calendar Scheduler with link to radio automation 
* Software Remote Control via serial, USB & IP 
* Automatic changeover between inputs

* Analog & digital stereo audio I/O
* Dual indipendent MPX ouputs
* Fully adjustable MPX clipper
* 50 factory presets + 50 user-definable
* Full range of digital audio I/O rates (up to 96 KHz)
* Powerful voice detection of enhancement of speech processing
* Large set of warning and alarms notifications
* GPI/O interface port
* Built-in tone generator
* User right management
* Dual-band AGC
* 3-band parametric equalizer
* Wizard easy setup

Relying on Axel Technology's extensive know-how in audio processing techniques, the Falcon 50 has been designed and built using a new approach that incorporates the most up-to-date components and technologies. Its efficient design allows the Falcon 50 to produce top-level results in a cost-effective way.

The largest control set allows you to paint a truly unique and competitive on-air sound: from detailed and flat to heavy and loud. Its exceptional audio quality is maintained even at extreme settings.

Whether your audio system contains analog, digital or both formats, the Falcon 50 can be configured to fit in perfectly. A sophisticated module allows flexible switching between inputs, e.g. for emergency purpose. Fail-safe operation is assured by an internal bypass on all the audio and MPX I/O circuits.

Two Composite Baseband Outputs are provided, each with independent level control. The MPX clipping stage is user-enable and adjustable. MPX power can be limited accordingly to ITU R-BS 412 Specification.

One serial RS232 port, an two USB ports and a TCP/IP Ethernet connection (the latter available as an option) permit remote control and monitoring from almost any location through the use of a standard PC and the dedicated control software which comes with the unit.

Falcon 50 set up is quick and easy, thanks to a wizard based on less/more controls. User-configurable remote control functions (including preset programming) are available through optocoupled inputs. For more convenience, a complete day-part automation is also completely self-contained.


Blind version (blind front panel)
Dual Display version


LAN (Ethernet port)
IBOC & DAB output

PDFFalcon 50 brochure

PDFComparative table Falcon - Orban - Omnia


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