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FM Broadcast Analyser

Microgen TS9050

16 bit sampling for greater accuracy. (The TS9000 sampled at 12 bits)
New IQ mixer, with two stage double-tuned low noise MOSFET FM front-end
New IF log amplifier with additional computer modelled 6 pole LC 10.7MHz IF filter for improved stop-band performance
100dB audio spectrum analyser with 100kHz bandwidth, for precise audio measurement
New software DSP stereo decoder. Excellent phase matching between channels, with lower distortion and noise than traditional analogue types
Left and right channel monitor with a vectored stereo quality display
Multiplex record and playback with full stereo audio monitoring using PC sound system
Multi-site operation, allowing up to 32 sites of 100 stations each to be monitored directly from the iLog software
Full RDS decoding, with RT history feature
USB powered, complete with Windows iLog software

Hi performance FM analyzer

The TS9050A FM Broadcast Analyser is a high performance FM receiver and Modulation Analyser providing Broadcast measurements. It runs from and is powered by a USB port, allowing on-site or mobile monitoring.

16 bit precision

The unit samples the Multiplex signal at 16bits precision. This data is passed directly to the PC, where all measurements and calculations are performed by the supplied Windows software application. Modulation Power is calculated with 32bit floating-point precision.The FM Broadcast band covered is 87.5 to 108MHz in 10kHz steps.

FFT Spectrum Analyzer with 100 dB dynamic range

The unit includes a precision base-band FFT Spectrum Analyser covering 10Hz to 100kHz with a range of 100dB and a resolution of 20Hz. This can be used to inspect the Multiplex signal or as a stand-alone audio analyser using the external BNC input.

Stereo Quality Monitor

Stereo Quality Monitor indicated the actual stereo width.

FM Deviation Histogram

A deviation histogram can be viewed in real time, from this window. The following variables are calculated from the collected data.

  • T Lapse time measured in minutes and seconds
  • N The number of samples taken
  • M The mean value of deviation
  • D The quadratic mean value of deviation
  • S The mean of samples above 75KHz
  • % The percentage of samples above 75KHz
  • K Equals S*%

FM Deviation Analyzer

The Multiplex signal can be viewed in the time domain with an oscilloscope type display. The timebase can be set from 10ms/div to 10us/div. The Y-axis has a x10 function. The trigger point can be user set or in automatic mode. The picture below shows typical trace with positive and negative deviation bar graphs. These can be arithmetically rectified to give absolute readings. Deviation shown from –100KHz to +100KHz

Radio Text Monitor

RT messages are displayed in the RT window. These messages can be logged directly to hard disk. The number of messages can be set and they will be stored in ASCII text. These can be cut and pasted into any text file. Repeat messages can be ignored. 

PDFTS9050 specifications


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