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Pots Line Codec

MUSICAM USA, inventor and patent holder of POTS codec technology (U.S. Patent Nos. 5,706,335 & 6,128,374. Additional patents pending.) is proud to introduce a low-cost, high-tech POTS codec. Liberty is compact and portable yet contains the most advanced encoding algorithm and modem technology ever used in a broadcast professional codec.

  • 15 kHz bi-directional audio as low as 24 kbs
  • Low 100ms delay
  • 1 mic/line switchable XLR audio input
  • Intelligent Gain Control
  • Stereo RCA input summed to mono (-10dBv)
  • Proprietary anti-drop modem software
  • 1/8" mini jack for most cell phones
  • Headphone monitoring jack
  • Automatic or manual answering
  • Audio Level Indicator
  • Up to 200 bps bi-directional raw data transfer
  • Last number redial
  • Remote control of input audio levels over the link
  • Telephone link stability meter
  • Headphone audio output provides mix of send and return feeds
  • May be dialed from an external telephone

Features and Specifications

Liberty’s advanced audio compression system makes it ideal for speech and music. The extremely short 100ms delay enables live, natural sounding 2-way conversations. Liberty’s internal software operating system may be upgraded via RS232(Contact MUSICAM USA for details). Liberty constantly monitors telephone line quality and displays the results in real time to let you avoid dropouts and maximize your audio quality. Liberty is easy to set up and easy to operate. Programmable one-touch function controls give you instant access to frequently used commands. In the unlikely event that Liberty cannot maintain an improved audio connection due to telephone line problems, Liberty can be used as an analog telephone coupler. This guarantees that your audio will always get through!

Professionals who need to send and receive broadcast quality audio in real time from remote sites worldwide will be taking along MUSICAM USA’s "studio to go," Liberty. This POTS codec/mixer achieves the best real-time sound possible—15kHz mono audio—over a single standard analog telephone line.

With Liberty, it’s easy to capture the excitement of live broadcast events. Very low (100ms) delay and 15 kHz audio quality—even at bit rates as low as 24 kb/s—means Liberty covers the full frequency range of FM broadcasting. In fact, its audio quality is so good that engineers will pack the affordable Liberty as a backup for ISDN music broadcasts.

One key to Liberty’s outstanding audio quality and reliability is its custom-designed modem that enables broadcasters to keep the best sound flowing—regardless of changing conditions on the POTS line connection. Only Liberty allows users to renegotiate their connection or re-equalize the line for complete stability within 1.5 seconds. Audio frequency response degrades smoothly as line connections fall below 24 kb/s, with Liberty improving on regular analog line quality all the way down to 9.6 kb/s. And in the unlikely event that Liberty cannot make an improved audio connection over a standard telephone line, Liberty’s built-in telephone coupler can be used to connect in standard telephone mode.

Liberty has a state-of-the-art algorithm that gives you the best possible audio over one analog phone line. Voice and music are unbelievably clear at normal telephone connect rates.

Remote broadcasting setup is simplified with Liberty's advanced operator interface. A rotary selector lets the user scroll smoothly through a wide range of menu options and select phone numbers stored in memory simply by pressing the knob. Liberty’s LCD display shows the level of either sending or receiving audio. A visual percentage measurement of the connection’s health lets the operator maximize audio bandwidth and avoid dropouts quickly and efficiently.

Best of all, the bi-directional Liberty extends the expertise of studio personnel to the remote location. Studio engineers can remotely control the distant level settings for a perfect studio mix.

In fact, after the operator plugs Liberty into the POTS line at the remote site, the entire broadcast can be controlled from the studio. That’s because the RS-232 port on the Liberty supports a stream of ancillary data embedded in the program audio, which can be used to manage automation software and radio hardware. Users can even send contact closures over the active broadcast link via Liberty's two optional relays to trigger CD players and alert operators in real time. With Liberty, it’s easy to monitor and manage broadcasts and deliver consistently superior audio—all on one POTS line.

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