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Rack-mount, modular, Audio & Data Gateway

MUSICAM USA gives you a new way to connect to the world. Audio. Data. Streaming audio for Internet, LAN, WAN, DSL and ATM. Connect to other codecs via ISDN. Receive a feed over T1 or E1 and stream it online!

  • Interchangeable Function Modules support many applications
  • User configurable hardware and soft-ware
  • A powerful and rugged DSP-based audio codec
  • All popular compression algorithms
  • High speed data via T1 or E1 with flexible timeslot handling
  • Ethernet Port for Network Audio
  • Internet Protocol Audio Streaming through NT server
  • Multiple BRI ports for ISDN
  • Multiple V.35, X.21, RS422 and RS530 ports
  • Multi-channel audio
  • Remote command & control capability
  • Integrated functions for automatic program handling
  • Flexible alarm handling; programmable relays included
  • Universal power supply

SuperLink is one chassis with many applications. You choose the configuration and SuperLink makes the connection. SuperLink supports multiple algorithms, including world-famous CCS-enhanced MPEG Layer II. Connects to multiple ISDN lines for multi-channel, multi-point or high bit rate feeds. Sends and receives single or multichannel audio over T1 or E1 for STL use with automatic ISDN backup. And more! SuperLink is a powerful and rugged DSP-based platform, built to grow with your needs and provide years of continuous up time. SuperLink has three user-configurable slots that accept any combination of the following Function Modules:

  • T1 Multiplexer—connects directly to 1.536MB T1 lines via built-in CSU with full line perfor-mance statistics
  • E1 Multiplexer—connects directly to 2.048MB E1 lines in accord with G.703 standards
  • Full Stereo Codec—Stereo input and output; analog, AES/EBU and S/PDIF; Ancillary Data
  • Encoder—Stereo input; analog, AES/EBU and S/PDIF; Ancillary Data
  • Decoder—Stereo output; analog, AES/EBU and S/PDIF; Ancillary Data
  • ISDN 3-BRI—Supports 3 ISDN BRIs for mul-tiple audio connections and/or bonding to 384 kb/s; all BRIs support U and S/T ISDN interface
  • X.21—Supports X.21, RS422 and RS530 data at Nx64 kb/s
  • V.35—Supports V.35 data at Nx64 kb/s



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