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Deliver Perfect Stereo Audio via IP or ISDN

While maintaining compatibility with existing codecs, NetStar opens a new realm of connection capabilities.

NetStar can send and receive full fidelity, real-time stereo audio, contact closures and ancillary data not only via ISDN and dedicated data lines, but also via IP. NetStar contains not only standard coding algorithms like G.711, G.722, MPEG 1 & 2 Layer 2 and MPEG 1 & 2 Layer 3, but also the latest MPEG 2 Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) and MPEG 4 AAC-Low Delay. NetStar can even connect bi-directionally via IP with uncompressed linear audio and near-zero delay.

NetStar is an advanced 19-inch rack mount codec offering full compatibility with legacy based systems plus new features for today and the future. Full, bi-directional stereo audio via IP is supported through an Ethernet port. An ISDN interface, as well V.35, X.21 and RS422 interfaces are available as options. The full compliment of standard coding algorithms, as well as MPEG 2 AAC and MPEG 4 AAC-LD are included as standard equipment. NetStar supports RS232 Ancillary Data and eight end-to-end contact closures. An on-board Web Server lets you control NetStar from any Web browser.

There are two different Models of NetStar to choose from:

The NetStar 500 has an easy to use front panel user interface including a bright, graphical LCD display and large, easy to read buttons, making setup and use the NetStar is quick and simple.

The NetStar 300 has no user interface, and is designed for unmanned operation. Setup is still quick and easy by utilizing the NetStar's built in web server, or RS-232 Control.

NetStar is easy to use and easy to afford. Simple and familiar interfaces support a host of features to get you connected today and keep you connected in the future. Full ISDN compatibility and full IP compatibility with automatic recognition of the calling codec. Automatic Fallback keeps you connected if your primary network becomes unreliable. MPEG 2 & 4 AAC modes for superior audio at low bit rates.

Multifunction Ancillary Data port supports full RS232 Ancillary data at rates up to 38,400 bps. Optional X.21/RS422 and V.35 interface allows for connections to synchronous data transmission links.

PDFNetStar/RoadStar datasheet (PDF)


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