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EPW 2000H
FM vysílač 2kW
Shoda dle NV 426/2000

  • Composed of standard modules from the range (HELIOS exciter, 550 W GOLIATH amplifier)
  • Module easily interchangeable
  • Simple addition of modules (Exciter, Amplifier and 4 ways coupler)
  • Delivered "Quick install"
  • Redundant - 550 W Goliath module (two MOSFET with stand alone power supply)
  • Controlled by RS232 local interface or TCP/IP distant mode Optimum weight and size : 2 kW 27U - 145 kg (319 lbs)
  • Very affordable equipment Complies with EC, FCC and CCIR standards
  • Exceptional manufacturing quality - Made in France
  • 3 years guarantee

This transmitter in a totally modular configuration is composed of a 50 W mono or stereo HELIOS exciter, an INES coupler and 4 GOLIATH amplifiers.

The units are installed in a 1.5 meters high and 145 kg weight rack with 4 wheels.

Access to the connectors is simplified. Connectors are grouped on a silkscreen plate located on top the rack.

A large air tube extractor is also located on top of the rack to allow easy air evacuation.

This design ensures easy maintenance without any FM transmission chain break.

Preventive servicing or replacement of a GOLIATH amplifying module can be performed live (hot-pluggable), after disconnection of the defected module.

Remote controls are available in order to change the transmission frequency, vary the output power, the total or partial shutdown of the transmitter and many other functions by a simple connection to internet with a customized access code.

This transmitter is the combination more than 20 years of experience in FM broadcasting and the very latest electronic techniques.

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