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EPW 500H
FM vysílač 550W
Shoda dle NV 426/2000

  • Composed of standard modules from the range (HELIOS exciter, 550 W GOLIATH amplifier)
  • Module easily interchangeable
  • Simple addition of modules (Exciter, Amplifier)
  • Delivered "Quick install"
  • Redundant - 550 W Goliath module (two MOSFET with stand alone power supply)
  • Upgrading (remote control / remote signaling option, or TCP/IP)
  • Controlled by RS232 local interface or TCP/IP distant mode
  • Optimum weight and volume : 20 kg (Mono / MPX) 4U - 25 kg (Stereo) 5U
  • Very affordable equipment
  • Complies with EC, FCC and CCIR standards
  • Exceptional manufacturing quality - Made in France
  • 3 years guarantee

This transmitter in a totally modular configuration consists of a 20 W HELIOS JR exciter (1U Mono / MPX) or 20 W HELIOS (2U Stereo), and a 550W GOLIATH amplifier.

L'EPW 550JR/550H/550HS having optimum weight and volume, is delivered "Quick install" in a 9U rack available as an option.

The modular and redundant conception (two MOSFET, with stand alone power supply) of the transmitter makes it easy to upgrade to 1 kW.

Remote controls are naturally provided for changing the transmission frequency, varying the output power, the total or partial shutdown of the transmitter and many other functions by a simple connection to internet (TCP/IP option) with a customized access code.

This transmitter is the combination of more than 20 years of experience in FM broadcasting and the very latest electronic techniques.

PDFdatasheet 250W (PDF)

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