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HELIOS 20, 50, 100
FM vysílač / Budič 20, 50, 100W
Shoda dle NV 426/2000

  • Stainless steel compact module 2U - 19" - 10 kg (22lbs)
  • Simple and user friendly configuration via LCD display screen, locally by RS232 or remotely with TCP/IP
  • Low distortion < 0.15 %
  • Best FM S/N ratio > 80 dB
  • Very good channel separation up to 50 dB within the whole band
  • External clock synchronization (GPS)
  • PLL controlled by microprocessor
  • Adjustable power from 2 to 20 W, 5 to 50 W or 10 to 100 W (depending on version)
  • Very affordable equipment
  • Sub-assemblies modularity (configuration flexibility
  • Easy upgrading (stereo coder card, remote control / remote monitoring option, and/or dry loops and/or TCP/IP, embedded FM receiver)
  • Controlled by RS232 local interface or TCP/IP distant mode
  • Complies with EC, FCC and CCIR standards
  • Exceptional manufacturing quality - Made in France
  • 3 years guarantee

Based on a modular concept, HELIOS is a synthesized transmitter that can be configured according to your own requirements.

Its mother board is used to connect to the display card the radio frequency unit, the power supply, the stereo coder, the remote control and remote monitoring card, the IP card for remote control via Internet and the receiver and demodulator for audio control from the front panel.

All parameters such as frequency, power, excursion, right and left levels and the voltage standing wave radio can be adjusted or shown on the blue pacific LCD display screen.

The output power can be adjusted to 20, 50 or 100 W.

Its microprocessor records and time-stamps the last 200 events: on-off, temperature alarm, V.S.W.R. and many other useful parameters.

The quality of manufacture, the simplicity of use and the exceptional sound quality make this a truly remarkable transmitter of outstanding quality.

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